Empowering women in Krushevo through mini clastering for sales and promotion of traditional products

Тhe objective of the project is to improve the living standards and social inclusion, and to reduce poverty in Krusevo, through association (mini-clustering) of women for production and sale of local, domestic, traditional and ecological, home-made products.

Mind the gaps between the budget lines and the programs of the National strategy for poverty reduction

The project aims to increase the effectiveness and usage of poverty-reduction programs by increasing the transparency of the associated budget lines and informing the citizens about them.

EdPlaCo-MK: A tool for greater gender wage equality in Macedonia

The project aims to develop an online tool and raise awareness for greater fairness in pay between men and women in Macedonia.

Analysis of gender wage gap when women are highly inactive: Evidence from repeated imputations with Macedonian data

The objective of this research is to investigate if gender employment gap can shed some light on the gender wage gap and to develop a web-based developmental tool to tackle gender wage inequality in Macedonia.

Empirical analysis of the risks and resilience to shocks of the Macedonian insurance sector

The objective of this research is to analyse the risks to the stability of the Macedonian insurance sector and to quantify its resilience to shocks.

Youth self-employment in households receiving remittances in Macedonia

This project aims to explore if remittances may be used to support the entrepreneurial activities of unemployed youth in households receiving remittances, in an environment of global economic crisis, tightened credit conditions, lack of venture capital financing and the malfunctioning labor market.


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