Does motherhood explain part of the gender wage gap in Macedonia?

The objective of the research is to estimate the contribution of the motherhood wage gap for the gender wage gap in Macedonia after considering workers’ characteristics and selectivity bias onto the labour market, for childbearing-age population.

Migration as social protection: Analysis of Macedonian, Albanian and Serbian remittance-receiving households

The objective of the research is to investigate if remittances sent to Macedonia, Albania and Serbia serve social protection for household members left behind.

Simulation of a voucher policy for improving the social condition of individual remittance receivers in Macedonia

The purpose of the study is to develop a simulation of potential voucher system for social protection of individual members of the households receiving remittances in Macedonia.

Economic Research Today for Better Policy Tomorrow


The оverall objective of this project is to build up the capacity of the Association for economic research, advocacy and policymaking “Finance Think” in supporting the economic policy decision makers to deliver credible policy decisions based on research findings and arguments based on quantification, as well in elevating the debate in the society about economic processes and reforms.

Empowering women in Krushevo through mini clastering for sales and promotion of traditional products

Тhe objective of the project is to improve the living standards and social inclusion, and to reduce poverty in Krusevo, through association (mini-clustering) of women for production and sale of local, domestic, traditional and ecological, home-made products.

Mind the gaps between the budget lines and the programs of the National strategy for poverty reduction

The project aims to increase the effectiveness and usage of poverty-reduction programs by increasing the transparency of the associated budget lines and informing the citizens about them.


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