Fiscal transparency and accountability

This research program covers issues like transparency, structure and effects of public spending, participative budgeting at national and local level, sustainability of the public deficit and debt, public procurement and so on.

The following projects have been implemented:

Corruptive practices impede economic growth in Macedonia

The objective of this policy research is to identify corruptive practices that influence the economy of Macedonia and to offer real already-implemented similar measures in the EU to tackle and resolve these kinds of practices.

Estimating the sustainable level of the Macedonian public debt

The objective of this project is to provide credible estimates of the sustainable level of the Macedonian government and public debt.

Gender-responsible budget of the city of Skopje

The objective of this research is to identify gaps in the gender policies and implementation of gender-sensitive budget of the City of Skopje, and make appropriate recommendations to overcome the gaps.

FISCAST+: Fiscal transparency and accountability improves policies in quality of life, education and health

The objective of the project is to address efficiency and quality of selected policies in quality of life, education and health through public debate and policy options derived from data and evidence.

FISCAST: Building capacity and tools for fiscal accountability, sustainability and transparency in Macedonia

The overall objective of the project is twofold: first, to improve the capacity of civil society and media to contribute to evidence-based economic dialogue in the country, enabling more participatory and transparent policymaking, with strong focus on fiscal policymaking; and, second, to increase the public awareness for the process of spending public money.

Local development or current expenditures: What purpose are municipal money spent for?

The main objective of the project is to increase the transparency and efficiency of the use of budget funds within municipalities.


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