Sectoral economic policies

Sectoral economic policies in Finance Think are understood and, hence, researched in their broadest sense. Namely, the pillar covers all policies related to and with implications onto the core economic and social policies. These include: education, health, agricultural subsidies, energy, financial markets and institutions and the like.

The program covers the following projects:

Bridging the gaps between multinational companies and domestic SMEs in Macedonia

The overall objective of the Action is to establish and/or improve the linkages between domestic SMEs (dSMEs) – multinational companies (MNCs) operating in Macedonia, with the final goal to increase domestic business sector competitiveness.

Corruptive practices impede economic growth in Macedonia

The objective of this policy research is to identify corruptive practices that influence the economy of Macedonia and to offer real already-implemented similar measures in the EU to tackle and resolve these kinds of practices.

FISCAST+: Fiscal transparency and accountability improves policies in quality of life, education and health

The objective of the project is to address efficiency and quality of selected policies in quality of life, education and health through public debate and policy options derived from data and evidence.

Empirical analysis of the risks and resilience to shocks of the Macedonian insurance sector

The objective of this research is to analyse the risks to the stability of the Macedonian insurance sector and to quantify its resilience to shocks.


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