Fiscal transparency and accountability

This research program covers issues like transparency, structure and effects of public spending, participative budgeting at national and local level, sustainability of the public deficit and debt, public procurement and so on.

The following projects have been implemented:

Assessment of the financial implications for the state in the fight against COVID-19

The purpose of this analysis is to assess the financial implications, i.e. the spending of state institutions intended to combat COVID-19.

Analysis of parafiscal charges in North Macedonia

The objective of the project is to provide analysis of the parafiscal charges for SMEs in North Macedonia, by revieweing the Catalogue of public services and conduct of survey among SMEs.

Roma-responsive budgeting in North Macedonia

The aim of the project is to pilot the Roma responsive budgeting guidelines through building capacities of civil servants, selecting budget programs and applying guidelines, resulting in two Roma responsive budgeting submissions to the 2020 budget.

Good or bad tax? Reforming Macedonian personal income tax

The overall objective of the project is to assess the effect of the announced tax reform of the personal income tax.

Analysis of resources allocated for child-related policies and programs in the Budget of the Republic of Macedonia

The objective of this project proposal is to provide a comprehensive overview of the policies and programs related to children, in Macedonia, and their allocated financial resources by the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, in two mutually-reinforcing programmatic domains: quality of life (social policies) and education.

Data analysis for the Diagnostic and Public Finance Studies in Macedonia

The objective of the project is to provide background calculations in Stata to feed the preparation of two studies: Country Diagnostics and Public Finance Study by the world bank, based on data from LFS, SILC and HBS.