Growth and development policies

The pillar covers a variety of policies and strategies to produce and support economic growth and development, with a focus on three development pillars: education, healthcare and institutions. Other development pillars covered include: infrastructure investment, state aid, financial markets and institutions and other sectoral policies.

Interactive and multi-stakeholder mechanism for tracking fulfillment of economy-related political promises

The aim of the project is to promote monitoring and measurement of economic goals and results of political-government programs, by using evidence, findings and data and by encouraging multi-stakeholder engagement.

Promoting evidence and dialogue for enhancing state aid’s effect onto consumer welfare in North Macedonia

The objective of the action is to promote evidence and foster dialogue on the role of state aid for consumer welfare in North Macedonia.

Economic compass – measuring the effects of proposed tax and social policies by the political parties

The purpose of the project is to assess the effects of economic, social and part of the development policies that political parties will propose in their election programs for the 2020 parliamentary elections, using the MK-MOD Microsimulation Tax & Benefit Model.

Beyond income inequalities in North Macedonia

The aim of the project is to provide an overview of inequalities in North Macedonia beyond income, i.e. inequalities in opportunities in four critical areas: education, healthcare, labor market and justice.

Common country analysis – economic and social trends

The aim of the project is to synthesize existing knowledge in the area of economic, social and development trends and policies in North Macedonia, identify the most lagging population groups in terms of a set of development indicators, identify short- and medium-term risks, as well as knowledge and data gaps, all in the context of sustainable development goals.

Sustainable economic growth through promotion of alternative touristic attractions

The main goal of the project is to improve local economic development by promoting developed alternative tourist attractions.