The program on Migration and remittances explores the economic aspects of outgoing migration from North Macedonia. Specifically, the program analyzes the effects of migration and remittances on vital indicators such as poverty, inequality, labor market and so on.

Within the program, the following projects have been implemented:

Forecasting the size and effects of emigration and remittances in four Western-Balkan countries

The project aims to forecast the size and effects of remittances and emigration in 4 Western-Balkan (WB) countries, through a novel method: Delphi questionnaire. In particular, the project has the
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Migration as social protection: Analysis of Macedonian, Albanian and Serbian remittance-receiving households

The objective of the research is to investigate if remittances sent to Macedonia, Albania and Serbia serve social protection for household members left behind. In particular, we will analyse if
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Simulation of a voucher policy for improving the social condition of individual remittance receivers in Macedonia

The purpose of the study is to develop a simulation of potential voucher system for social protection of individual members of the households receiving remittances in Macedonia. Specific objectives: –
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Youth self-employment in households receiving remittances in Macedonia

This project aims to explore if remittances may be used to support the entrepreneurial activities of unemployed youth in households receiving remittances, in an environment of global economic crisis, tightened
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