The project aims to forecast the size and effects of remittances and emigration in 4 Western-Balkan (WB) countries, through a novel method: Delphi questionnaire.

In particular, the project has the following tasks: 1) to provide a literature overview of forecasting remittances and emigration; 2) to collect data through a Delphi questionnaire from economic experts and remittance-receivers; 3) to forecast remittances and emigration based on the data obtained in (2); 4) provide policy recommendations based on the forecasted trends; and 5) to compare forecasted trends among the 4 countries.


Donor: Regional Research Promotion Program

Project partners: ACSER Albania, FREN Serbia, Individual researcher Kosovo

Duration: 6 months (2016)



Project meeting, Istanbul, Turkey, 27-30 October 2016 – Аgenda – Gallery

Round table “The future of remittances and emigration: Can they be forecast?”, 22 November 2016, Faculty of Economics, Prilep – Invitation and agenda – Gallery

Infographs – Macedonia – Serbia – Albania – Kosovo

Media appearance – MRT – Telma – Nova Makedonija

Web site

Forecasting results – Маcedonia – Serbia – Аlbania – Коsovо

Policy study


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