This page offers links to economic data, grouped in three groups: domestic data, cross-country data and data compiled/computed by Finance Think.


Domestic data

State Statistical Office (broad sets of data for the Macedonian economy, excl. monetary and financial data)

National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia (broad sets of data for the Macedonian economy – monetary, banking and external-economy data)

Ministry of finance (budget and public debt data)

Insurance Supervision Agency (insurance sector data)

Agency for supervision of fully funded pension insurance (pension system data)


Cross-country data

International Monetary Fund (broad sets of macro data for all economies in the world)

World Bank – World Development Indicators (broad sets of macro data for all economies in the world)

World Bank – World Governance Indicators (sets of data on governance and institutions)

World Bank – Enterprise Surveys (sets of microeconomic data)

World Bank – Database on poverty and inequality (sets of development indicators)

World Bank – Education statistics (sets of data in the domain of education)

Eurostat (broad sets of data, mainly for the European economies)

ОЕCD (broad sets of data, mainly for the OECD member states)

Bank for international settlements (data on the global financial system)

UNCTAD (broad set of data on international trade and FDIs)

International Labor Organization (set of broad databases for various indicators in the areas of labor economics)

Exchange rate regimes (de-facto classification of the exchange rate regimes, Reinhart and Rogoff, 2004)

Real effective exchange rates (Darvas, 2012)

Migrants’ remittances in the Western Balkans (micro-datasets on remittances in the Western Balkans)


Data computed / compiled by Finance Think

Leading Composite Index (a composite index forecasting the economic activity in Macedonia, 2010 – to date)

Index of Financial Stability (a composite index for measuring the stability of the banking system in Macedonia, 2006 – to date) (series on poverty, inequality, social programs, budget lines on social policy in Macedonia, 2000-to date)