Statement: “Reactions after the rebalancing of the budget”

Citation: „Abolish the cach and life will be easier for everyone“

Press clipping from Policy study 50

Citation: “In agriculture, construction and trade there are the most illegal workers!”

Citation: „The state loses hundreds of millions of euros, the new government announces a fight against the gray economy“

Interview on pension topics

Citation: “”Finance Think” study: The state loses hundreds of millions of euros from incomplete reporting of income from employment”

Citation: „How can export orientation become a priority?“

Press clipping from Macro-monitor 13(1)


Podcast participation “Where is the money?”

Citation: „Have we learned anything from the energy crisis?!“

Press clipping from Economic Forum “After the storm”

Citation: „The VMRO-DPMNE government will fill holes in the local budgets“

Statement: „”DRASTIC CHANGES IN THE SHORT TERM ARE NOT EXPECTED”: this is what economists say after the change of government“

Citation: “MTSP: The salary in an envelope will not be returned!”

Citation: “Companies are looking for retraining programs for the workforce, and parties are promising to cut unemployment in half”

Citation: “Abandon the artificial inflation of capital investments”: this is what economists say about the parties’ election promises“

Citation: “Progressive, flat and oligarchic tax – what reform is in play for the election?”

Citation: „VMRO-DPMNE will give pensioners 5,000 denars in the first year only. They don’t know about the future“

Citation: „What does the business expect and what is offered in the election programs of the parties?“

Citation: “Analysis of “Finance Think” on the economic promises in the election programs of SDSM and VMRO-DPMNE”

Citation: “How realistic are the promises of SDSM and VMRO-DPMNE: This is what the analysis of “Finance Think” showed”

Statement: „Economic programs full of promises – from optimistic to risky“

Interview on economic themes in election times

Statement: “Experts warn: Election promises to increase pensions sound nice, but they can destabilize the pension system”

Citation: „Finance Think: Electricity subsidies should be reduced“

Citation: “Instead of subsidies for electricity, the state should invest more in energy!”

Citation: „The geopolitical conflict between Russia and Ukraine threatened the fiscal consolidation of the countries of the region“

Citation: „Macedonia should avoid new debts, because the fiscal space is getting narrower“

Interview: „We need a vision of growth based on investments, exports, entrepreneurship, instead of constantly emphasizing issues related to ethnicities and political ballasts“

Citation: „THERE ARE MORE UNREGISTERED WORKERS IN SMALL COMPANIES – here are the sectors with the most“

Statement: “On the (un)achievability of some pre-election promises”

Citation: „Government economic measures – timely or hasty?“

Press clipping, Macro-monitor 12(4)

Citation: „Equality is torn to the thinnest: Women receive lower wages than men for the same work“


Interview: „Global food prices have been falling for a year now“

Debate in Top tema

Press clipping from Policy Brief 67

Citation: “SHOULD THE PRICES OF FOOD BE UNFREEZED OR REGULATED PERMANENTLY? Businessmen against, experts demand to protect the standard of the population”

Citation: „Who guarantees that food prices will not go to the ceiling from the 1st!?“

Statement: „An investment year full of challenges“

Statement: „HOW THE ELECTIONS WILL AFFECT THE ECONOMY: Economists do not fear for regular activities, but say there is no basis for an economic boom“

Statement: „In Macedonia, poverty data has not been published for two years“

Изјава: „As of March 1, whoever wants to work through the Open Balkans, he does not need permits for foreigners“

Interview on current economic topics

Interview: „Regardless of how the Open Balkans will develop in the future, it is important that we cooperate“

Interview: “The eventual reduction of interest rates depends on several factors, the forecasts are that there will be no further increase”

Citation: „HOTELS AND RESTAURANTS PREFER SEASONAL WORKERS: This is what research in the sector has shown“