Statement: “Will the workers receive a minimum of 18,000 denars ?! The union is on strike, the government assures that there will be a solution”

Citation: „The planned capital investments remained only on paper!“

Statement: “Will there be an increase in the minimum wage?”

Citation: “The peak of the pandemic brought a peak of social cases”

Participation in a TV debate – Economic Magazine

Citation: „Poor children are less visible to institutions!“

Statement: “he revenues of the companies in the zones exceeded 14 billion euros in ten years – what enabled their continuous growth?”

Statement: „Are the promises for higher salaries and pensions feasible?“

Statement: „Rising inflation in Europe and Macedonia“

Citation: „The average salary increases nominally, but the standard does not follow it“

Press clipping on the Policy Brief 54

Statement: „The standard of living of thin ice“

Citation: „The number of social assistance recipients has seriously increased“

Statement: “The rise in prices will continue this year as well”

Citation: „Qualitative step forward with capital investments“

Statement: „The economy is recovering, the energy crisis remains a challenge“

Participation in a TV debate „Top tema“

Citation: „The Hidden Face of Child Poverty – Is Money Enough?“

Interview: “Happy new energy, economic and health crisis”

Statement: „Blagica Petreski: Uncertainties and risks transferred in 2022“

Statement: „Weighing the benefits and risks“

Citation: „Europe is not reached at snail speed“

Participation in Utrinski Briefing on Child poverty

Statement: „One left, other right“

Press clipping on Macro-monitor 10(3)

Press clipping from the Policy forum on the multidimensional child poverty

Statement: „Double-digit growth rates, however, are possible”

Press clipping on the municipal labor market diagnostics

Statement: „With productivity growth to GDP growth“

Statement: „Which instruments can generate higher GDP growth“

Participation in a TV debate


Statement: „A second day of discussion on the Budget“

Press clipping on FT Opinion 54

Statement: „Export-oriented companies as an engine for economic growth“

Statement: „Productivity and minimum wage correlate“

Statement: „Block 3 in REK Bitola caught fire due to negligence“

Statement: “Rising energy costs will disrupt post-pandemic recovery”

Statement: „How to bridge the gaps and increase competitiveness“

Statement: “Macedonia with the largest decline in greenfield investments in the region”

Interview in Utrinski briefing

Citation: „If it does not eat us, inflation will subside in a few months“

Statement: “Higher inflation – no panic, but on the alert”

Citation: „It is necessary to amortize the impact of rising prices“

Press clipping from FT Comment 33

Statement: “Stimulating the population to be vaccinated will contribute to a faster recovery of the economy”

Participation in a TV debate in Top Tema


Statement: “How much would they save if they were provided on time? In 5 weeks, the vaccines saved almost 3 million euros in the state budget”

Statement: “In 5 weeks, the vaccines saved almost 3 million euros in the state budget, how much would they have saved if they had been provided on time”