Citation: “Why women give up on building a career”

Statement: „No hosts, only housewives – the pandemic has disproportionately affected jobs“

Statement: „Experts with a message to the municipalities to spend the promised money economically“

Statement: “The government promised more money to the new mayors before the elections”

Citation: “Economic growth called desire”

Citation: „Thirty years of independent Macedonia, in spite of everything!“

Statement: „How much was the salary in some professions 40 years ago, and how much is it now compared to the average wage“

Citation: “Thirty years of independent state – it could have been better”

Citation: „In 30 years, Macedonia has increased its GDP by 60 percent, and Poland, Albania and Romania have tripled it“

Citation: “Finance Think: In 1988 unemployment was 22%, today it is at a level of almost 16%”

Citation: „There are fewer and fewer women in the labor market“

Citation: „In 30 years, Macedonia has increased its GDP by 60 percent, and Poland, Albania and Romania have tripled it“

Press clipping from Macro-monitor 10(2)

Citation: “WHAT YOU WILL BE WHEN YOU GROW UP From a young age, human capital will be built after the pandemic”

Statement: “Capital investments are visible to the human eye only before elections!”

Statement: „Whose calculation is closer to the real one“

Citation: „Paper Maze: Hundreds of permits and licenses will fly out, but it is not known when“

Citation: „How much can training reduce the gap between supply and demand in the labor market?“

Statement: „With a university degree, but without practical knowledge“

Statement: „VMRO-DPMNE, SDSM and DUI buried us in debt“

Citation: „Economists propose a change in the model of state aid for investment“

Press clipping from FT Comment 31

Statement: „Pre-election promises to increase wages“

Statement: „Women lose the race in the labor market“

Citation: „The future of jobs after Covid-19: Reorganization of the educational process in response to the acquisition of qualified staff for future professions“

Citation: “The future of jobs after COVID-19”

Statement: “The deficit in the supply of goods and services will not create more permanent inflationary pressures”

Press clipping from FT Opinion 53

Citation: „10,000 new people became social cases“

Statement: “More permanent employment contracts will reduce labor market turbulence”

Statement: „Reducing unemployment is a post-pandemic challenge“

Press clipping on the Policy Study 36

Press clipping from the Macro-monitor 10(1)

Press clipping from the presentation of Policy Study No.35

Investigative story: “How to get more efficient state aid for companies”

Journalistic story: “The law on subsidies to private companies should be overhauled”

Interview and statement for Agenda 35

Statement: „2021 The year of economic “recovery” – the pandemic is losing its “breath”!“

Statement: “Working mothers under the strong blow of the pandemic”

Statement: „Uncertainty about the recovery of underdeveloped economies is still high“

Interview in Economic Magazine

Investigative story: “State aid helped for more employment, but not for better liquidity and competitiveness!”

Statement: „Business suffers from the inefficiency and unproductivity of public administration“

Participation in a TV Debate “Top tema”

Press clipping on State Aid Economic Forum

Statement: “The battle to save lives and jobs “inflates” the state debt – be careful with public finances!”

Statement: “An exhausting marathon between prices and standard”

Statement: “Transition from gray to white”

Statement: „Higher wages, but less purchasing power“

Citation: „Domestic production is the key“