Statement: “Will employers withstand the new increase in the minimum wage?”

Citation: “OCM: Consumer rights are not threatened by freezing bread prices”

Press clipping – Economic Forum on Policy Study 45

Interview themed with the public debt

Statement: “A new Eurobond will cost us more“

Statement: “EBRD reduced the forecast for the growth of the Macedonian economy!”

Interview: “Blagica Petreski, “Finance Think”: The fight against the gray economy can annually bring 700 million euros to the budget”

Statement: “The non-completion of the procedure for issuing a Eurobond is not serious”

Statement: „We will pay the commissions, while the next Eurobond will be more expensive“

Citation: „The government boasts of capital investments, the opposition criticizes the lack of projects“

Citation: „The economy only shines when you are in power“

Citation: “High corruption and bureaucratization are still deep gaps to be bridged”

Statement: „Research: There is a lack of activities that would improve the role of women in society“

Statement: „Economists and employers agree: The minimum wage cannot be increased beyond the formula’s calculations“

Statement: „Why is the drop in unemployment in Macedonia disappointing?“

Citation: “Discouraging the use of cash is a way to reduce the gray economy!”


Citation: „Nearly 6,400 companies put a key in the door in the first 11 months of the year“

Interview: „Subsidized electricity should give lower inflation already in December“

Citation: „The budget entered the radar of specialist observation“

Citation: „”Growth of 2.9% is too optimistic” – an avalanche of reactions to the budget proposal for 2023“

Press Clipping from FT Comment 36

Citation: „As of the New Year, more money for municipalities from VAT and personal tax“

Citation: „Budget revenues would be realized only if the rise in prices does not subside“


Citation: „The average salary of 500 euros has stirred up social networks: One eats meat, one cabbage – we all eat sarma“

Interview: „Petreski: Although the inflation is imported, there are already pressures from domestic component“

Citation: „What are the hurdles of the economic growth?“

Citation: “MPs received the lowest European rating”

Press clipping from FT Comment 35

Citation: “The new anti-crisis measures can be counted on one hand!”

Interview: “Sanctions should be efficient and impartial in order to reduce the gray economy in Macedonia”

Statement: „Stagflation taking North Macedonia back to the 80s“

Citation: „The gray economy costs the country as much as borrowing with five Eurobonds“

Citation: „Pensions are growing – there will be 5 more kilos of flour and oil“

Citation: “Employers want to continue subsidizing contributions, if not, reducing wages is likely”

Statement: „Employers rise the alarm – if the subsidization of contributions does not continue, it is possible to reduce the wages of some workers“

Statement: “A new model of subsidies in agriculture for greater food production”

Interview: „The adjustment of pensions should be according to the current formula and should not include regressive elements“

Statement: „Business complains about parafiscal charges“

Citation: “With a GDP of 6,000 dollars per capita, Macedonia is the sixth poorest country in Europe”

Citation: „”Finance Think” assesses that the economy is going into the red“

Citation: „Life is getting too expensive. Over 41,000 denars needed for one month for one family“

Press clipping – Macro-monitor 11(2)

Statement: “No one wants to pay tax for expensive company cars and slow administration”

Interview on the draft tax changes

Press clipping from FT Opinion 57

Citation: “The benefits of formalizing micro-businesses key to reducing the shadow economy”

Citation: “More money for municipalities from taxes, but also greater responsibility for spending”

Statement: “The Macedonian opposition is dissatisfied with the government’s anti-crisis measures”