Annual Plans

Annual Reports

Audit Reports


Field Laws


Master Bylaws


  • Rulebook on Research, Analysis and Advocacy
  • Rulebook on Recruiting Researchers and Other Professionals
  • Rulebook and Procedures on Financial Operations
  • Rulebook on Continuous Professional Education and Specialization
  • Rulebook on Systematization of Workplaces
  • Rulebook on Employees’ Performance Evaluation

Strategies and Policies

  • Anti-corruption Policy and Principles
  • Procurement Policy, Principles and Procedures
  • Policy on flexible working conditions
  • Media communications strategy
  • Policy on knowledge dissemination and sharing
  • Policy on protection from sexual exploitation and abuse (PSEA)
  • SEA Investigation Policy and Procedures
  • Policy on Open, Transparent, and Merit-based Recruitment of Researchers (OTM-R)
  • Personal Data Protection Policy


  • Rulebook and procedure for maintaining the workplace order and discipline
  • Publication and visualization procedures and formats
  • Procedure for organization of events
  • Procedure for usage of vacation days
  • Procedures related to PSEA

Guides and Manuals

  • Guide for Research Ethics and Governance
  • Guide for procurement conduct
  • Manual for the conclusion of contracts

Other internal regulations

  • Rules of operation of the Assembly of the Association

*All regulations are available for consideration by stakeholders and are available on request.