Finance Think is an independent and non-for-profit economic research and policy institute, founded in 2012.

Our Vision

To steer economic thinking for increased wellbeing tomorrow.

Our Mission

To enhance the impact of economic, social and development trends and policies on citizens in North Macedonia and the Western Balkans, through research, evidence-based and data-driven advocacy, and steering critical debate on democratic and economic processes.

The research of Finance Think helps policymakers, policy advocates, opinion makers, journalists, and the public understand the issues affecting ordinary citizens.

Based on its articles of association, Finance Think strives to achieve three statutory objectives. These are:

  • To contribute to improve economic, social and development policies and reforms through producing evidence, based on research and driven by data. Specifically, this strategic objective is founded on conducting first-class economic – empirical and policy-oriented – research, founded on sufficient theoretical basis and executed by the means of the state-of-the-art economic methods, while being relevant and beneficial for domestic and/or regional policymakers.


  • To increase the eff­ect of Finance Thinks’ products on target groups (skills), policymaking (policies and reforms), and society (awareness). Specifically, this strategic objective is founded on the premise that Finance Think’s work is done for the benefit of the society, channeled through influence onto the policy formulation and implementation process, through affecting the discourse of the public debate, and through direct impact onto the skills and work of immediate target groups.


  • To develop the institutional capacity of Finance Think, in terms of research, advocacy, funding and communication, to have a stronger impact on economic reforms and the e­ffects policies have for citizens. Specifically, this strategic objective is founded on the premise for a permanent investment in building capacities and networks, both organizational and individual, for the purpose of better research, increased domestic and international visibility and increased overall reputation.