In the trajectory of its development, Finance Think has been conducting the following projects directly supporting the Institute, or supporting activities whose objective has been directly attributable to the strengthening of Finance Think’s capacity to advocate for better policies and steer the public debate.

Expanding civic space through establishing WebEcon – the network of economic think tanks in the Western Balkans

The objective of the proposed action is to lay the grounds for a regional civic space in the socio-economic domain, by establishing the WebEcon network

Summer school “Data Analysis for Public Policy”

The main objective of the summer school is to provide knowledge, skills and advice on Data Analysis to be utilized in public policy analysis and

Operationalization of the Monitoring and Evaluation Strategy 2018-2020 and establishing a system for assessing the performance and efficiency of employees

The overall goal of the project is to further strengthen the capacities of Finance Think for transparent and accountable governance.   The specific objectives of

Instigating evidence-based and data-driven economic debate in Macedonia

The general objective of this action is to produce positive societal change by strengthening the economic debate in Macedonia, based on evidence from conducted research

Advocacy for evidence-based economic policymaking and ignition of the critical economic debate in Macedonia

The overall objective of the project is to further strengthen the organizational capacity of the Economic Research & Policy Institute “Finance Think” in supporting the economic policy

Economic Research Today for Better Policy Tomorrow

The оverall objective of this project is to build up the capacity of the Association for economic research, advocacy and policymaking “Finance Think” in supporting the economic