The Survey он Quality of Life in Macedonia 2017 is a micro-survey of individuals and households conducted on the territory of the Republic of Macedonia. The Survey was designed by Finance Think, and implemented by a professional agency for field surveys in the period May-June 2017. The final aim of the survey is to provide rich data to analyze, investigate and simulate the effects of economic policies in Macedonia.

The survey was conducted on a representative sample of 1,200 households and covers 4,071 individuals.


The survey covers several aspects of the quality of life. It has data on the following topics:

  • Demographic characteristics (gender, age, education, etc.)
  • Health status of the respondents
  • Socio-economic condition and household’s assets
  • Household consumption
  • Household income (wage, pension, rent, interest, dividend, social income, remittances)
  • Labor market: status and characteristics of the jobs
  • Career path and past earnings of retirees


The collection of the survey was made possible with the support of the Government of the United Kingdom, through the British Embassy in Skopje, within Finance Think’s project: “FISCAST +: Fiscal transparency and accountability improves policies in the areas of quality of life, education and health”.

The questionnaire is available here.

The validation of the dataset is available here.

The dataset is available to interested parties, only in the premisses of Finance Think and under certain contractual relationship. In case you want to use the dataset, send an inquiry to