Meetings with the Municipalities and signing of Memoranda of Cooperation are underway The activity is part of the project “FISCAST Network – Improving the dialogue for greater financial transparency of municipalities,… Read more The last of the series of webinars for #StateAid was successfully completed The topic of the webinar is “Measuring the effects of state aid: The example of the government’s Economic Growth… Read more Finance Think participates on the public consultations for the Tax Strategy The public consultations are pursued by the Ministry of Finance, after the Tax Strategy has been adopted by the… Read more We invite local stakeholders in the municipalities to participate in the capacity building program Representatives of local organizations, institutions, businesses, media, activists and other local stakeholders have the opportunity through participation in the… Read more MoU with the Municipality of Krushevo for mapping the parafiscal charges The Municipality of Krushevo is the first of 21 municipalities to develop a register of #parafiscal charges and to… Read more We invite you the last of the series of webinars on state aid Apply here by April 14, 2021: Read more Working meeting with our partners LAG Agro Leader Several joint activities at the municipal level mark our cooperation with LAG Agro Leader, an organization located in Krivogashtani. Read more We published our Annual Report 2020 Access: Read more We call political actors to deblock the work of the Parliament Check the entire FT Opinion no. 51 here: Read more Our Economic Forum conveyed the message about exporters as growth engine post Covid-19 The Economic Forum “The economy on the crossroad: Who will be the engine of growth after Covid-19?”, which was… Read more


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