Finance Think at the Civil Society Forum for the Western Balkans and Turkey in Belgrade 🇲🇰 The Civil Society Forum for the Western Balkans and Turkey, has been held from June 11 to 13… Read more Our recent findings on fiscal space in the podcast “Where is the money?” 📍 Did the energy crisis and the fight against inflation leave the state treasury empty?
📍 If we face a…
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The Economic Forum “After the Storm” successfully completed On 30 May 2024, Finance Think organized the Economic Forum “After the Storm: Navigating Food and Energy Stability in… Read more Finance Think at the Civil Society High-Level Conference in Ljubljana Economy, prosperity, and stability are voted as the most significant benefits for Slovenia from joining the EU. 🌍💼📈

Can we…
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We participate in the annual People Powered meeting in Warsaw 💡📊 Participatory budgeting and gender-responsive budgeting are two tools that yield results in creating more effective, efficient, and inclusive… Read more Our contribution to the publication of the Aspen Institute   Our brief on “Digitization and Delivery of Public Services” contributed to the publication “Digitization and Democratization in #WesternBalkans”… Read more FT Opinion 61 for the economic #promises of political parties Check out our latest FT Opinion that analyzes the economic promises of SDSM and VMRO-DPMNE through the… Read more Memorandum of Cooperation with the Fiscal Council 🤝 Today we are proud to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Cooperation with the Fiscal Council of… Read more The economy in times of elections – Blagica Petreski spoke for the Greek National Television 📢 On current #economic topics about wages, prices, and living standards during elections and citizens’ economic #expectations, our Executive… Read more Finance Think with initial activities in the European Economic and Social Committee A productive start to the week in Brussels! Reflecting on our initial activities and contributions to the European… Read more