Tell us your #champion story Children who grow up in modest circumstances and who later achieve above-average success – as professionals in business, sports,… Read more Our recommendations in the State Department Report Finance Think has already alerted and made suggestions for some of the findings of the State Department on the… Read more A successful completion of the event “Inform – Activate – (Self)employ” Click for gallery. Read more 📣 We invite you to a super cool event this Thursday at Kaffeine Come, find out about existing active employment measures, take a photo and share.
* Visitors will receive a…
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We continue the cooperation with the municipalities The Municipality of Bogovinje is one of the 21 municipalities that will develop a register of #parafiscal charges and… Read more Workshop participation within the WeBER 2.0 project Our Sandra Sokolenko-Todoroska participates in the workshop for grantees within the project WeBER 2.0: Strengthening civil society in the… Read more Read our latest FT Opinion 53 for the intention to introduce 🌎 environmental tax on fuels 1️⃣ The environmental tax will have a one-time short-term effect on the general price level (inflation) which would range… Read more Finance Think contributed to the preparation of the business edition of the Balkan Barometer 2021 The edition was promoted today in Tirana by the Regional Cooperation Council – RCC. Our partner in this activity… Read more We invite you for a short survey! We need your opinion in a poll that takes only 1 minute of your time.
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Promo of our work on the assessment of the effects of Covid-19 on 🚜 agricultural workers In the previous period, two related activities included:

. Publication of our Policy Brief no. 46 ( in the specialized…
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