📖 Our latest Brief 67 – who made the most of the government’s anti-crisis measures? Today marks two years since the attack on #Ukraine – the date associated with the start of the… Read more Finance Think has become part of the European Economic and Social Committee, EESC Finance Think became part of the European Economic and Social Committee, EESC.

On Thursday, the EESC officially launched its…
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Findings from our #study at a conference in Pristina   We shared the findings of our #study on unregistered micro-executives of economic activity at the conference “Shaping the… Read more In an interview for MRTV, Blagica Petreski talks about current economic topics. ВThe second domestic risk for inflation is what pressure the general increase in wages and pensions will have… Read more 🎄Finance Think wishes you a happy and prosperous 2024🍀 Read more Two rankings for independent assessment of our work   At the end of , a look at two #international rankings with an independent assessment of our work…. Read more A review study presented at the conf. from the Aspen Institute Germany Productive discussions at the “Digitalization and Democracy” conference, which was organized by the Aspen Institute Germany and was… Read more Navigating labor shortages – Conference in Budapest 📖 Our recent #study on the occupation and wage gaps in the Western Balkans contributed to the discussion at… Read more 📖 Our newest study at a closing event in Tirana 📣 Our Executive Director, Blagica Petreski, presented the latest findings from the #study on undeclared work, produced together with… Read more Blagica Petreski spoke at the conference – 30 years of World Bank in RNM Our Executive Director, Blagica Petreski, spoke at the conference on the occasion of 30 years World Bank Republic of… Read more