Blagica Petreski discussed on current economic topics in Top Tema Topics included municipal finance, parafiscal charges, current inflation pressures and growth prospects. Mr. Nebi Hoxa from the Northwest Macedonia… Read more The first of a series of trainings on economic analysis was successfully completed The first training focused on basic and advanced statistical analysis in Stata, and targeted young economists. Trainings for other… Read more Our findings and recommendations in front of the Employment Service Agency Within the Gender Budget Watchdog Network, we presented the findings and recommendations for employment measures with representatives from the… Read more Finance Think at the 8th Western Balkans Civil Society Forum Finance Think participates in the 8th Western Balkans Civil Society Forum, organized by the EESC – European Economic and… Read more The diagnosis of the municipal labor markets presented to the local economic councils In cooperation with the office of the International Labor Organization, we developed labor market diagnostics for nine municipalities in… Read more Finance Think on the Civic Organizations Day The Day is organized within the Civica Mobilitas program. Read more 💰 We are researching the needs of the citizens of the settlements in the Municipality of Krushevo The creation of local budgets is ongoing. We research the needs of the inhabitants of the settlements Buchin, Presil,… Read more Training on financial transparency, parafiscal charges and public procurement 🧑‍🏫 Financial transparency, parafiscal charges and procurement in the municipalities were the topics of the first training of the… Read more Tell us your #champion story Children who grow up in modest circumstances and who later achieve above-average success – as professionals in business, sports,… Read more Our recommendations in the State Department Report Finance Think has already alerted and made suggestions for some of the findings of the State Department on the… Read more


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