This research program deals with the conceptualization of the competitiveness, i.e. the institutions, policies and reforms to strengthen the market economy of North Macedonia. Moreover, the program specifically deals with how the EU accession helps country competitiveness in light of supporting the capacity to cope with the competitive pressure and market forces within the Union.

The following projects have been implemented:

Data analysis and report on Balkan Barometer 2021

The objective of the project is to conduct a comprehensive data analysis and write up the underlying report on Balkan Barometer 2021. Donor: Regional Cooperation Council Partner: ACIT – Albania
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FISCAST Network – Enhancing dialogue for higher municipal financial transparency, with focus on parafiscal charges

The overall objective of the project is “To strengthen FISCAST network’s monitoring of and partnering with local stakeholders on LSGUs’ financial transparency, with reference to parafiscal charges.” This overarching aim
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Reaping export-oriented companies’ potential to contribute to post-Covid-19 recovery

The project aims to identify potentials of export oriented capacities including already existed foreign investors in the country to support economic recovery. Specific objectives: To identify capacities to adapt and
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Promoting evidence and dialogue for enhancing state aid’s effect onto consumer welfare in North Macedonia

The objective of the action is to promote evidence and foster dialogue on the role of state aid for consumer welfare in North Macedonia. The specific objectives of the action
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Common country analysis – economic and social trends

The aim of the project is to synthesize existing knowledge in the area of economic, social and development trends and policies in North Macedonia, identify the most lagging population groups
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Institutional know-how transfer to support (swift?) Europeanization of North Macedonia

The objective of the project is to elevate Finance Think at a new international / European level of development to be able to secure streamlining of the European economic values
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