This research program deals with the conceptualization of the competitiveness, i.e. the institutions, policies and reforms to strengthen the market economy of North Macedonia. Moreover, the program specifically deals with how the EU accession helps country competitiveness in light of supporting the capacity to cope with the competitive pressure and market forces within the Union.

The following projects have been implemented:

Unlocking female economic potential – beyond gender boundaries

The objective of this action is to empower and enable women to reach their full potential in the labor market, with a particular focus on productivity. Specific objectives include: To
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Competitiveness Policy Priority Identification in the Western Balkans

The objective of the project is to identify and address policy priorities in each of the six Western Balkan economies, unlocking growth opportunities for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in
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State aid and foreign direct investment in the Western Balkan countries: Fostering transparency and generating space for regional coordination of investment policies

The overall objective of the project is to improve transparency of and to generate evidence on the FDI-related state aid in the context of the regional integration of Western Balkan
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Diagnostics of the informal economy in North Macedonia

The objective of the action is to diagnose the informal economy, re-estimate its size and the size/importance of its various facets, by relying on tax administration data. By so doing,
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The perfect storm: Food and energy insecurities threaten the economies of the Western Balkan

The main goal of the project is to generate evidence and foster a policy dialogue for the food and energy insecurities in the Western Balkan economies pertinent to four key
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Open Balkan: Free regional movement of labor in conditions of shortage of qualified workers?

The goal of the project is to assess how the free movement of (skilled) labor in the Open Balkan Initiative will affect the labor market in North Macedonia, and thus
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