State aid and foreign direct investment in the Western Balkan countries: Fostering transparency and generating space for regional coordination of investment policies

The overall objective of the project is to improve transparency of and to generate evidence on the FDI-related state aid in the context of the regional integration of Western Balkan countries.

The overall objective is broken down to the following specific objectives:

  1. To identify (map) state aid programs and key measures and relate it to measurable indicators of effectiveness,
  2. To produce evidence on the state aid granted to foreign companies in view of its effectiveness and of support to the regional integration,
  3. To increase public awareness at regional, national and local level by influencing public discourse on the importance of state aid transparency and alignment with the EU requirements, and as a promotor of regional integration

Donor: Open Society Foundations – Western Balkans

On current economic topics, Blagica Petreski in Bloomberg Adria

On current economic topics, our Executive Director, Blagica Petreski discussed in the show “Zoom in” on Bloomberg Adria MKD

In the budget proposal for the next year, fiscal consolidation is announced, and on the other hand, we are creating a budget where there is a greater growth in wages in relation to the total growth in expenditures, which is a sign of inconsistency in the intentions of the authorities, Blagica Petreski, executive director of “Finance Think” points out. ” in an interview for “Bloomberg Adria”.

In terms of capital expenditures this year, they are more realistic compared to last year, Petreski points out.

The whole conversation at the following link:…/visokite-kamatni…/news/

Our review #study at a UNDP conference

📖 Finance Think presented the latest review #study “Youth on the labor market” at the conference “Through the prism of youth: Increasing youth potential on the labor market in building the future we desire”, organized by UNDP MK.
📌 The situation with young people on the labor market is continuously improving, although they remain in a less favorable position compared to other age groups.
📌 Initiatives like #YouthGuarantee, implemented by the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, are a positive impulse for youth outcomes on the labor market.
📌 Education and skill acquisition are key in modern society. Quality education and skills development in areas such as information technology, innovation and entrepreneurship can significantly increase the chances of success and contribute to the economic development of the country.
Photo credit: UNDP.