The objective of the workshops and training sessions is to directly convey skills over the target groups. Usually, the workshops and training sessions are realized within the current project activities.

Workshop on parafiscal charges with municipal administrations and public enterprises – gallery

19 November 2021, Skopje

Training “Data analysis and visualization” – gallery

3 November 2021, Skopje

Training “Statistical and econometric analysis in Stata”

7 October 2021, Skopje

Webinar “Measuring the effects of state aid: The example of the government’s Economic Growth Plan” – video

15 April 2021, Skopje

Training “State Aid Control” – dr. Andreas Klafki – agenda

8-19 March 2021, online

Webinar “Market distortions and state aid” – video

4 March 2021, Skopje

Webinar “The concept of state aid and harmonization of Macedonian legislation with the EU Acquis” – video

25 February 2021, Skopje

Webinar “EU accession negotiation – Chapter 8: Competition policy” – video

4 February 2021, Skopje

Webinar “State aid: Practices in North Macedonia” – video

27 January 2021, Skopje

Training “Roma-responsive budgeting”

5 October 2019, Skopje

Training, module 1: Communication skills; module 2: Sales & promotion skills; module 3: Leadership skills and building local brands

June – September 2019, Skopje

Call – Gallery 1 – Gallery 2 – Gallery 3

Training & Workshop “Mapping of alternative touristic destinations”

17-21 June 2019, Skopje

Call – Gallery

Training “Roma-responsive budgeting”

20-21 May 2019, Veles

Info-session on the labor rights

3 November 2018, Skopje – Gallery

Training on presentation and communication skills for connecting domestic with foreign companies

24-25 October 2018, Skopje – Gallery

Training for promotion and presentation of products and services to potential buyers and fair exhibition

15-16 October 2018, Skopje – Gallery

Training on soft skills for connecting domestic and foreign companies

5 October 2018 – Gallery

Train the trainers on participative budgeting

4 May 2018, Skopje – Gallery

Data analysis and interpretation of results and their translation into strategies and plans – Workshop for analysts in government institutions

9 March 2018, Skopje – Gallery

Analysis and interpretation of data and findings – Workshop for economic journalists

2 March 2018, Skopje – Gallery

Public procurement for representatives of local CSOs, local media, and interested citizens

12 December 2017, Prilep

Public procurement for representatives of local self-governments

30 November 2017, Prilep – Gallery

FISCAST+: Workshop for Communication strategy

11-12 November 2017, Krushevo – Gallery

Statistical data analysis – Workshop for young economists

14 September 2017, Skopje – Аgenda – Gallery

Methods for generating new jobs

4, 5 and 7 July, 2017, Skopje – Gallery

Data analysis and visualization – Workshop for CSOs

4 July 2017, Skopje – Invitation – Gallery

FISCAST: Interim workshop for presentation of the progress with the policy studies

26 April 2017, Skopje

Selecting policies for analysis, teams and research methods and data, within the project FISCAST+: Fiscal transparency and accountability improves policies in the areas of quality of life, education and healt

2 December 2016, Skopje- Gallery


Training for developing skills for employment, within the project “Promoting Active Inclusion of Disadvantaged Persons Excluded from the Labour Market“, funded by the EU

25 November 2016, Skopje – Gallery

Communication and mentoring skills, for the employees of the Social Protection Centers and Employment Agency Units, within the project “Promoting Active Inclusion of Disadvantaged Persons Excluded from the Labour Market“, funded by the EU

29-31 August 2016, Skopje – Gallery

Gender and motherhood wage gap: Policies, data and econometric methods, within the project “Heroes and she-roes”: Knowledge for analysis of and advocacy for equal pay for women and mothers in Macedonia (SHE-ROES), supported by the Central European Initiative – CEI, KEP AUSTRIA with funding provided by the Austrian Development Cooperation

5 July 2016, Skopje – Gallery

FISCAST-NET Midterm meeting in Krushevo

22-24 January 2016 – Galleries 1 2 3

Designing alternative touristic attractions in Krushevo

25-26 December 2015 – Gallery

FISCAST Workshop 3: Cost-benefit analysis for economic journalists, Skopje

28 November 2015 – Gallery

FISCAST Workshop 2: Cost-benefit analysis, Krushevo

21-22 November 2015 – Gallery

FISCAST Workshop 1: Identifying policies for analysis, Krushevo

20 November 2015 – Gallery

Economic empowerment of Krushevo women, Krushevo

18-19, 25-26 October 2014 – Gallery