The objective of the economic forum, besides steering the public debate on a hot topic, is to also present a product of Finance Think, including but not limited to: a book, policy study, web platform, video product etc.

6 October 2023, Hotel Marriott, Skopje

From crisis to solutions: Have we become a more resilient economy today? – Аgenda – Video – Gallery

1 June 2023, Hotel Marriott, Skopje

Parafiscal charges: The small piece in the competitiveness puzzle  – Аgenda – Video – Gallery

28 February 2023, Hotel Alexander Palace, Skopje

The effects of the food and energy crisis on children and families – AgendaVideoGallery

14 April 2022, Hotel Marriott, Skopje

A Gloomy Look Forward: Multiple Uncertainties Undermine Economic Prospects? – Аgenda Video Gallery

7 December 2021, Hotel Marriott, Skopje

Child poverty in North Macedonia: Income is not the only factor  – Аgenda – Video – Gallery

6 May 2021, Hotel Marriott, Skopje

Do subsidies create better enterprises? Or, better enterprises get more subsidies?  – Аgenda Video – Gallery

18 March 2021, Hotel Marriott, Skopje

The economy on the crossroad: Who will be the engine of growth after Covid-19?  – Аgenda – Gallery

22 December 2020, Hotel Marriott, Skopje

Socioeconomic impact of Covid-19 in North Macedonia  – Аgenda – Gallery

10 September 2020, Hotel Marriott, Skopje

Municipalities and citizens: Together towards better budget – Аgenda – Gallery – Video

4 September 2020, Municipality of Kavadarci, Kavadarci

Municipalities and citizens: Together towards better budget – Аgenda – Galley

27 November 2019, Marriott, Skopje

„Vision for greater cooperation between the domestic SMEs and MNCs in the country“ – Аgenda – Gallery

29 October 2019, Marriott, Skopje

“Municipalities and citizens: together for a better budget” – Agenda – Gallery 

28 March 2018, Marriott, Skopje

“The Macedonian economy between vision and dilemma: Challenges for the economic policies” – Related stuff – Gallery – Points

13 December 2017, Marriott, Skopje

“Higher economic growth for all” – Agenda – Gallery

11 July 2017, Hotel Porta, Skopje

“New measures for new jobs” (related project) – Agenda – Gallery – Mentorship manual – Measure and service protocol – Internship guidelines

30 January 2017, Hotel Marriott, Skopje

“Gender equal wages for higher economic growth“ (related project) – Аgenda – Gallery – Gender responsible companies

22 September 2016, Porta Macedonia, Skopje

“Emigrants’ money is important for the social development of the Western Balkan” (related project) – Invitation and agenda – Gallery


March 29 2016, Hotel Aleksander Palace, Skopje

“How is public money spent: Evidence-based policymaking” (related project) – Invitation & Agenda – Gallery