Finance Think maintains and adjusts MK-MOD – Tax & Benefit Microsimulaton Model for Macedonia. The model enables calculation of the effects of taxes and benefits on household incomes and work incentives for the population of the country.

MK-MOD is a static model, applying user-defined tax and benefit policy rules to micro-data on individuals and households, calculates the effects of these rules on household income, and then outputs results – still at the micro level. The model is STATA-based.

We use MK-MOD to simulate as much as possible of the tax and benefit components of household disposable income, by simulating the following instruments: income taxes, social contributions, family benefits, social assistance and other income-related benefits.

MK-MOD belongs to the family of EUROMOD – the Tax-Benefit Microsimulation Model for the European Union.

MK-MOD can be linked to, or used alongside, other types of model (behavioural, macro-economic or environmental) as a tax-benefit policy calculator or to provide a distributional perspective.

The model is accessible to interested parties, only in the premises of Finance Think and under certain contractual relations. In case you want to use it, send a request to


Research utilizing MK-MOD: