The purpose of the webinars is to encourage information sharing and involvement among the target groups. With the Covid-19 pandemic, the use of webinars became more frequent and allowed to reach a wider circle of stakeholders from all groups.

Webinar “Measuring the effects of state aid: The example of the government’s Economic Growth Plan” – video

15 April 2021, Skopje

Webinar “Market distortions and state aid” – video

4 March 2021, Skopje

Webinar “The concept of state aid and harmonization of Macedonian legislation with the EU Acquis” – video

25 February 2021, Skopje

Webinar “EU accession negotiation – Chapter 8: Competition policy” – video

4 February 2021, Skopje

Webinar “State aid: Practices in North Macedonia” – video

27 January 2021, Skopje