People Powered

Member as of: July 2020

Objective of the membership. The membership aims to support Hub’s mission to increase the power of people to make decisions.

CAMMIGRES – The Cambridge Migration Research Network

Member as of: March 2016

Objective of the membership. The membership aims to provide a platform for research and discussion about the thematic issues covered by the network: the impacts of past and present migration in relation to human evolution and development, social, legal, and economic policy, governance, professional knowledge, institutional practice and social relations.

International Budget Partnership

Member as of: November 2015

Objective of the membership. The membership has several objectives: i) to have a platform for engaging with policymakers on budget issues; ii) to contribute to the global work on open budgets; iii) to secure access to internationally-comparable data; iv) networking with similar organizations.

European Charter for Researchers

Member as of: 07.03.2013

Objective of the membership. The endorsement of the Charter has a couple of objectives: i) to support a change in working research culture; ii) to steer joining a truly pan-European network consisting of researchers and research organisations; iii) to favor a stimulating and favurable working environment for researchers; iv) to show that “Finance Think” cares about its researchers/employees; and v) to bring benefits from international visibility by implementing the Human Resource Strategy for Researchers (HRS4R)

UNCTAD Virtual Institute – Geneva

Member as of: 18.02.2013

Objective of the membership. This membership opts for several aims: i) Open new windows of thinking and cooperation; ii) Enhance our expertise in researching trade and development problems; iii) Provide a forum for building research networks; iv) In a perspective, assistance in developing training for officials in the areas of Vi expertise.


Member as of: 01.02.2013

Objective of the membership. Have a platform for communicating research results and staying in touch with the global economic research community.

Global Youth Networks

Member as of: 15.03.2013

Objective of the membership. Platform for exchanging ideas, advice, guidance, direct action & support in regards to issues pertaining to the field of & implementation of sustainable youth development.