Roster of associates

The roster of associates is composed of authors, consultants and referees with whom Finance Think has been cooperating on regular or occasional basis:

  1. Ana Tomovska-Misoska, University American College Skopje
  2. Pavle Gacov, Pro-Agens
  3. Dimitar Nikoloski, University of Bitola
  4. Natasa Trajkova, University of Bitola
  5. Vladimir Filipovski, University St. Cyril and Methodius Skopje
  6. Maja Parnardzieva-Zmejkova, Insurance Supervision Agency
  7. Nikica Mojsoska-Blazevski, University American College Skopje
  8. Vladimir Dimkovski, Health Insurance Fund
  9. Marjan Petreski, University American College Skopje
  10. Simon Miloseski, METRO A.D. Skopje
  11. Blagica Rizoska, Geshtalt Institute, Skopje
  12. Zoran Sapuric, University American College Skopje
  13. Dimko Kokaroski, University in Bitola
  14. Borce Trenovski, University St. Cyril and Methodius Skopje

As a matter of principle, Finance Think does not contract any person while he/she is performing a duty of elected public official.

As a matter of binding rule, where conflict of interest is deemed possible, the contract must be endorsed by the Supervisory Committee.