Finance Think, a part of the global coalition to make democracy more inclusive

Finance Think become becomes a part of a new global initiative led by People Powered and funded by the National Endowment for Democracy. While government reformers are increasingly securing public participation in decision-making, marginalized groups are too often left out or excluded. This limits the impact of democratic innovations. The program will make participatory democracy more inclusive of youth, women, and displaced people (including refugees, immigrants, and internally displaced people).

The initiative’s activities, which will extend through the first quarter of 2024, will include:

  • Workshops and in-person convenings among People Powered member organizations to identify best practices for making participatory democracy inclusive.
  • Creation of online courses and resource materials to help organizations implement the best practices.
  • Development of multimedia stories that bring to life the human impact of this work, to persuade more governments and organizations to make participation more inclusive.

More on the project on the following link.

Работилници со општините за оптимизација на парафискалните давачки

📑 We continue with workshops for optimization of parafiscal charges and establishing a dialogue for policy making at the local level.
✔️ Representatives of the Municipalities and the business sector are present at the workshops.
➡️ This week we worked with: Municipality of Kocani Municipality of Berovo Municipality of Makedonska Kamenica Municipality of Stip Macedonia Municipality of Kriva Palanka Municipality of Gevgelija Municipality of Bogdanci Municipality of Studenicani
18 Municipalities are involved in the process of raising financial transparency with a focus on parafiscal charges.
AGORA Quantum Prima LAG Agro Leader Delegation of the European Union, Skopje