Simulation of a voucher policy for improving the social condition of individual remittance receivers in Macedonia

The purpose of the study is to develop a simulation of potential voucher system for social protection of individual members of the households receiving remittances in Macedonia.

Specific objectives:

– To conduct analysis for Macedonia at the individual level (using the DotM Remittance Survey 2008)

– To develop an econometric model;

– To simulate the effects of potential voucher for protection of socially vulnerable individual recipients of remittances by simulating the effects on the health indicator of the recipient.


Donor: Partnership for Economic Policies

Duration: 2014-2015 (1 year)



Policy brief – ENG – MK

Working paper

Policy conference – Invitation – Gallery

Journal paper


Economic Research Today for Better Policy Tomorrow

The оverall objective of this project is to build up the capacity of the Association for economic research, advocacy and policymaking “Finance Think” in supporting the economic policy decision makers to deliver credible policy decisions based on research findings and arguments based on quantification, as well in elevating the debate in the society about economic processes and reforms.


Provider: Think Tank Fund (Open Society Foundations)

Duration: 1 year (2014-2015)


Empowering women in Krushevo through mini clastering for sales and promotion of traditional products

Тhe objective of the project is to improve the living standards and social inclusion, and to reduce poverty in Krusevo, through association (mini-clustering) of women for production and sale of local, domestic, traditional and ecological, home-made products.
The short-term goals include:

Prompting social inclusion and interaction through association of individual producers, unemployed housewives;
Promoting awareness for investing in their skills to pull out of poverty and improve their lives;
Establishing system for production and promotion of local home-made products, in order to encourage and increase production, sales and promotion;
Strengthening the awareness among policy makers for the need of mini-clustering of individual producers of traditional food, as a tool to promote local economic growth and improve socio-economic conditions.


Donor: The Embassy of USA in Skopje

Duration: 2014-2015 (12 months)


Call for participants

Application for participation

Training for production, marketing and sales skills – Gallery 1 – Gallery 2 – Gallery 3

New Year Bazaar “Craft Art Fest” Participation – Gallery

Fair “It’s homemade, it’s from Krushevo…” – Gallery