The objective of the action is to promote evidence and foster dialogue on the role of state aid for consumer welfare in North Macedonia.

The specific objectives of the action include:

  1. To understand existing forms of state aid in North Macedonia (direct subsidies, tax exemptions, discounted loans etc.) and their (mutual) consistency within the overall anti-trust legislation in the country;
  2. To produce robust evidence on whether state aid distorts competition on the market, with application on the paramount governmental program for subsidizing companies in North Macedonia and dwelling on the ‘market economy operator’ principle;
  3. To improve the dialogue among stakeholders, as well raise public awareness, on state aid, alignment with EU Acquis and consumer welfare.


By having achieved these objectives, the action will significantly contribute to enhancing the role of state aid for the market competition and efficiency, and hence onto consumer welfare.


Duration: February 2020 – February 2021

Donor: Balkan Trust for Democracy – Norwegian Embassy Belgrade


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