The project is aimed at encouraging participatory and responsible democracy in the development sectors (education, health, social and economy) of North Macedonia, where the voice of citizens is heard, priorities are transparently set and political promises are constantly translated into tangible reality, ensuring a sustainable socio – economic progress and inclusive growth.

The general goal of the project is to promote deliberative democracy in reforms in key development areas (socio-economic, education and health) with a focus on youth and women, through the engagement of various stakeholders in the process of prioritizing reforms and encouraging political accountability through monitoring the fulfillment of political promises.

Specific objectives include:

  • To identify to what extent policy-defined priorities are in accordance with citizens’ priorities
  • To create evidence of gaps between political promises and needs, and gaps in the realization of political promises
  • To encourage political responsibility and strengthen citizens’ awareness, by monitoring the implementation of political promises using the Economic Compass as a digital tool

Donor: Civica Mobilitas

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