Today marks two years since the attack on #Ukraine – the date associated with the start of the 🍞 food and 🔌 energy price crisis.
📖 On that occasion, our latest Policy Brief 6️⃣7️⃣ examines who has made the most of the government’s anti-crisis package.
📍 The measures saved a significant #part of household income, especially the #poorer households and especially the measures from the #last package that are in force during this year 2024.
📍 However, as a significant contingent of the measures were #untargeted, especially from the #first package, they allocated/saved a larger #amount of income to wealthier households.
📍 Although the targeting of the measures from the third package is the largest of all three packages, at least two of the measures carry the risk of an increased budget burden. In particular, support for #pensioners remains relatively broadly targeted and resembles a #pre-election measure.
The analysis is supported by SMART Balkans.

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