Happy New Year 2021!


Finance Think’s team wishes you happy and carefree holidays and a successful start to a more stable and healthier 2021!

New policy study!

Our Policy Study 33 explores the limitations and potentials of export-oriented companies to contribute to post-Covid-19 growth. Click to access.

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We invite economic journalists to a briefing to present results

We will end this year by sharing our results on the limitations and potentials of 🏭🚛 export-oriented companies to help the recovery post-Covid-19, at an 📣 online press briefing.

We invite the journalists interested in following the results to send a FB message or to events@financethink.mk.

Published paper in a highly-ranked journal

Our 2018 pension reform research, accepted for publication in the peer-reviewed 📚 Journal of Pension Economics & Finance, received Volume 20 and Issue 1 of January, 2021, pp. 49-66.

JPEF has an impact factor of 1,261 on the Web of science.

Consultative meeting for preliminary study findings

Today, in front of the relevant stakeholders and policy makers, we presented the key findings and recommendations from the study 📖 “The potential of export-oriented companies to contribute to the post-Covid-19 economic recovery in North Macedonia”, which will be published #soon.

The research is part of the project “Reaping the potential of export-oriented companies to contribute to the post-Covid-19 recovery”, supported by the British Embassy Skopje.

Economic Forum on the Socio-Economic Consequences of Covid-19

📢 Our work in 2020 dedicated to the analysis of the economic, social and developmental effects of covid-19 concludes with an economic forum, with the United Nations family. What lessons did we learn from covid-19? How to recover faster? The conference will address all key stakeholders in the socio-economic sphere in the country.

Happy 8th birthday, Finance Think!

We celebrate the eighth birthday in conditions imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, whose economic and social effects we monitor and analyze from the very beginning: 3 policy studies, 4 policy briefs, 10 proposed measures, precise projections, 42 visual products…

Follow-up to the assessment of the socio-economic impact of COVID-19 on children

The goal of the follow-up to the assessment of the social and economic impact of COVID-19 on children, is to generate scenarios and expanded policy proposals in a situation where it is certain that this will be a protracted crisis, both from a health and from a socio-economic perspective, and where we can verify the validity of the initial assumptions of its nature and duration.

Client: UNICEF