An event for promotion of findings and recommendations was held in Prilep

The event for the promotion of the recommendations from the project “Gender-responsive planning at the local level: The case of Prilep and Krushevo” was held in a varying concept, with the conveying of the recommendations through visualizations.

The project is supported by Reactor – Research in Action and their partners through the action “Advancement of gender equality in the EU accession process”. The action is financed by the European Union and co-financed by Sweden.

Finance Think at a regional conference in Podgorica

Our Maria Bašeska is participating in the Regional Conference “Elephants in the Civic Space”, which is being held in Podgorica, Montenegro, December 20-22, 2022, within the SMART Balkans initiative.

Finance Think at a panel “Macedonian economy is European”

Finance Think is participating in the third panel discussion on the topic “The Macedonian economy is European – mobility, competitiveness, development”, organized by the Secretariat for European Affairs.

Our Blagica Petreski spoke in the second panel dedicated to cluster 3 Competitiveness and inclusive #growth, together with ministers Kreshnik Bekteshi, Jeton Shaqiri, Bisera Kostadinova Stojchevska, Admirim Aliti, and Director of the PRO Sanja Lukarevska.

In an interview for, Blagica Petreski talks about current economic topics

⚠️ In our Macro-Monitor published this Friday, based on #model calculations, we came out with a GDP projection for 2023 of 2.4% and an inflation projection of 8.9%. Both numbers are under significant #risks. The GDP projection is under downside risk, that is, according to current information, the probability of achieving a lower rate than this is higher, compared to the probability of achieving a higher rate. With #inflation, the uncertainty is in both directions, because the movements and sources of the pressures are difficult to predict, especially the geopolitical developments. However, for now, forecasts indicate that some price pressures will subside, reducing the likelihood of double-digit inflation in 2023.
On a global level, we already have a decline in the #prices of primary food products, which with a certain delay will be reflected on the domestic retail prices, and it is expected that we will also see a certain #stabilization and reduction in energy prices during 2023. Of course, it is important what steps we take domestically. Subsidizing electricity for the #food industry should have a positive effect on a lower inflation rate already in December, and also the #monetary policy, which is on the line of tightening since April this year, will exert its influence.

A consultation meeting with the EBRD

With colleagues from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), we discussed current economic issues in the country and the region.

We make a continuous contribution to the consultative process in the country, through an objective, evidence- and data-based analysis of current economic trends and economic policies.