CIVITAX – Group on fiscal issues in the civil and academic sector and for the physical persons

The aim of the CIVITAX Group is to raise initiatives, analyze and research, as well advocate fiscal issues, in the widest sense of the word, which concern civil society organizations, academic institutions and individuals, as well as to represent the right to legal certainty in this area as a human right.

The founding members of the Group include:

1. Center for Economic Analyses, Marjan Nikolov
2. Finance Think – Economic Research and Policy Indtitute, Blagica Petreski
3. Center for Tax Policy, Borce Smilevski
4. Institute for Social Sciences and Humanities, Katerina Kolozova
5. Institute for Democracy Societas Civilis, Marko Troshanovski
6. Foundation Open Society – Macedonia, Zoran Cali
7. Transparency International – Macedonia, Slagjana Taseva
8. Helsinki Committee for Human Rights of the Republic of Macedonia, Urania Pirovska
9. Institute for Communication Studies, Meri Karanfilovska
10. Eurothink – Institute for European Strategies, Ljupco Petkovski
11. Change Management Center, Neda Maleska Sachmaroska
12. Institute for European Policy, Simonida Kacarska
13. Verica Hadzi-Vasileva Markovska
14. Krsto Nestorov


Memo of establishing 

Web page of the group