This page shows our activities to assess the effects of the Covid-19 coronavirus on the economy.

Survey to assess the impact of Coyd-19 on citizens and microbusinesses.

Policy Studies

Policy study 33

The potential of export-oriented companies to contribute to post-Covid-19 economic recovery in North Macedonia

Authors: Bojan Srbinoski, Blagica Petreski, Marjan Petreski

Policy study 32

Bridging measures to alleviate Covid-19 consequences: Design proposal, cost and key effects

Authors: Blagica Petreski, Marjan Petreski, Aleksandar Stojkov, Ana Tomovska-Misoska, Maja Parnardzieva-Zmejkova, Vladimir Dimkovski 

Policy study 30

The Social and Economic Effects of Covid-19 on Children in North Macedonia: Rapid Analysis and Policy Proposals

Authors: Marjan Petreski, Blagica Petreski, Ana Tomovska Misoska, Maja Gerovska Mitev, Maja Parnardzieva Zmejkova, Vladimir Dimkovski, Nicholas Morgan

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