The project aims to develop an online tool and raise awareness for greater fairness in pay between men and women in Macedonia.

Short-term goals:

  • To build an online platform EdPlaCo-MK, to which every individual and institution can, based on their characteristics, evaluate its own salary/ies;
  • To popularize EdPlaCo-MK among firms and public institutions in Macedonia, as a “label” whose acquisition will mark them as fair pay employers;
  • To design a manual for using EdPlaCo-MK and to disseminate it to the present and future employees, which would increase its popularity at the individual level;
  • To lobby for embedding licensing in EdPlaCo-MK in government institutions (mainly within the Strategy for gender equality).


Donor: United Nations Development Program

Duration: 2014 (6 months)



EdPlaKo-MK web tool

Video – The gender wage gap in Macedonia through the perspectives of 5 women

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