Fostering female self-sustainability through embedding traditional values into alternative touristic attractions in Krushevo

The main objective of the project is to improve self-sustainability of women through development of alternative touristic attractions out of their skills for traditional, homemade and ecological production: embroider linen, knittings, wild berry jams, pasta peeling and grains, natural tea and the like.

Project activities envisage: training of Krushevo women for skills for entrepreneurship, promotion and sales of traditional products, expanding and strengthening the mini-cluster developed within the previous project, developing of three alternative touristic attractions embedding traditional values and promotional campaign involving an event “Days of alternative touristic attractions in Krushevo” and the Fair “It’s homemade, it’s from Krushevo…”. Designed in this way, the project offers an innovative way of combining social entrepreneurship and sustainable tourism, into an individual business model for women’s self-sufficiency.


Donor: US Embassy Skopje

Duration: 2015-2016 (10 months)



Call for female participation October 2015 – Call – Application

Workshop for designing alternative touristic attractions, Krushevo, 25-26 December 2015 – Gallery

Piloting of “Botanic tour” and “Aronia grove”, Krushevo, 28 May 2016 – Gallery

Piloting of “Churches from Krushevo and a Vlach house – religion, arts, colors”, Krushevo, 05 June 2016 – Gallery

Brochure: “Krushevo is more beautiful on foot…”

Video: “Krushevo is more beautiful on foot…”

Krushevo woman – Fan page

Tour: Botanic walk, Krushevo, 30 July 2016 – Gallery

Tour: Aronia plantation, Krushevo, 30 July 2016 – Gallery

Fair of traditional, homemade, ecologic products “It’s homemade, it’s from Krushevo…”, Krushevo, 31 July 2016 – Gallery

Tour:”Churches from Krushevo and a Vlach house – religion, arts, colors”, Krushevo, 31 July 2016 – Gallery


Local development or current expenditures: What purpose are municipal money spent for?


The main objective of the project is to increase the transparency and efficiency of the use of budget funds within municipalities.

Short-term goals include:

  • Increasing the awareness of citizens about the budget spending in the municipalities;
  • Raising the awareness of citizens about the effectiveness of the spending of the budgetary funds in their municipality, compared to other municipalities;
  • Identifying the purpose of the budget spending: development goals or current consumption.

The research covers the 15 largest, according to residents, municipalities in Macedonia.


Donor: Metamorphosis Foundation, in partnership with MCET and Reactor, within IPA Civil Society Facility.

Duration: 2014 (5 months)


Web tool “Sledi gi parite

Analysis – Working paper

Policy brief 8: Local development or current consumption: For what purpose are municipal money spent for?