The overall goal of the project is to improve local economic development by building capacities of local stakeholders involved in the supply chain, increasing quality of services and development, launching and selling alternative tourist attractions.

The indirect expected benefits include the development of new local brands and unconventional tourist attractions for the regions that in the long term will strengthen regions as tourist destinations, attract more tourists, and thus increase revenues and promote local traditional values as a key to reducing poverty and inclusive economic growth.


This general objective is divided into specific objectives that involve specific interventions on three fronts:

  • Specific objective 1: Economic to encourage municipalities by improving skills and strengthening the capacities of local stakeholders (tourism service providers, business sector, non-governmental organizations) for: communication, service delivery, service culture / behavior, leadership in tourism, branding, promotion and tourism guidance;
  • Specific objective 2: To develop alternative tourist attractions that promote traditional culture and environmental aspects of municipalities;
  • Specific objective 3: To launch and promote developed alternative tourist attractions in five destinations, and to develop a large network of links between local, regional and national stakeholders.


Donor: Local and Regional Competitiveness Project (LRCP) (World Bank & EU)

Duration: January – September 2019



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