The overall objective of the project is “To strengthen FISCAST network’s monitoring of and partnering with local stakeholders on LSGUs’ financial transparency, with reference to parafiscal charges.”

This overarching aim is broken down into specific objectives involving concrete interventions on four fronts.

Specific objective 1: To enhance capacities of local CSOs and of the FISCAST Network to become active stakeholders in the municipal financial transparency processes;

Specific Objective 2: To improve municipal budget and parafiscal charges transparency;

Specific objective 3: To establish evidence-based, multi-stakeholder policy dialogue for monitoring of financial transparency and building effective municipal policies;

Specific objective 4: To increase public awareness about the benefit that higher transparency, accountability and sustainability have for citizens and businesses, in their roles and capacities to act at the local level.

Duration: January 2021 – July 2023

Donor: European Delegation