The project aims at increasing the engagement of external stakeholders (citizens, civil society organizations and local media) in the design and monitoring of local budgets and public procurement.

The main activities of the project include: 1) Analysis of the existing budget documents, practices and civic engagement; 2) Devising recommendations for policymakers; 3) Capacity building for implementation and monitoring of local procurement; and 4) Advocacy in public.

The planned activities are expected to result in: 1) Qualitative assessment of the design and transparency of local budgets in the three municipalities; 2) Familiarizing key stakeholders with the need to reform the process of drafting and publication of budget documents; 3) Building capacity of the civil society, local media and public administration for implementation and monitoring of public procurement; 4) Increased public awareness for the need of and the possibility for civil society participation in the process of devising local budgets and the way municipal money is spent.


Duration: 2017-2018 (12 months)

Donor: Project WEBER through the European Policy Institute, Skopje


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