The overall purpose of the project is to enhance local-stakeholders’ practice and participation in the local budgeting process and to increase the effectiveness of the municipal-money spending.


The particular objectives/tasks of the project include:

  • To increase participation of local stakeholders – civil society, business community, citizens, local media – in the municipal-budgeting processes;
  • To increase awareness of local citizens for how spending of municipal money affects their quality of life;
  • To increase the credibility and effectiveness of local governments’ decisions related to the spending of public money, as well raise awareness for the (need for) transparency related to it.

For attaining project’s purpose, 6 members of the network (plus Finance Think) will represent the core of the entire network. These were carefully selected from the pool of the FISCAST network, based on two criteria: 1) FISCAST members who have had experience with particular municipalities; and 2) FISCAST members who have had a decent cooperation with Finance Think (and within the network in general) in the past (in terms of quality of deliverables, timeliness, responsiveness and so on. The following FISCAST members provided their written consent and these are the initial municipalities to be covered:

  • Kvantum Prima – Kavadarci, to cover: Kavadarci, Negotino
  • ZIP Institue – Skopje, to cover: Saraj, Gjorce Petrov
  • EGRI Graganski Centar za odrzliv razvoj – Kriva Palanka, to cover two or three of: Kriva Palanka, Kumanovo, Staro Nagoricane
  • Inicijativen Glas – Prilep, to cover: Prilep, Krivogastani
  • IMPACT Institute – Skopje, to cover: Strumica
  • Center for Change Management (CUP) – Skopje, to cover: Centar, Gjorce Petrov (shared with ZIP)
  • Finance Think: Krushevo, Centar (shared with CUP)


Duration: May 2017 – May 2020

Donor: USAID Civic Engagement Project through the East West Management Institute


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