The objective of this project is to provide support in the development of rapid assessment of the impact of COVID-19 on selected local programmes and support local planning and budgeting in response to the immediate socio-economic needs of women and men.

This proposal envisages the following activities:

  • Desk analysis of the LSGUs budgets for 2020 in order to map the envisaged gender-based program, their categorization and comparative analysis with the local policies and strategies for equal opportunities between men and women, in order to evaluate how many local programs and funds were allocated directly for women, before the Covid crisis.
  • In-depth interviews with LSGUs’ officials to discuss in details the LSGUs response interventions to address the local citizen’s needs, with reference to the gender impact.
  • (Online) focus groups with local citizens to assess their experience and attitudes toward LSGUs’ response measures that tackle the Covid-19 impact.

All activities will result in short gender budget policy analysis (15-18 pages) for each LSGU separately, with included assessment of the LSGUs response interventions from gender perspective, as well as policy and recommendations for improving the gender-budgeting process in the post-Covid period.

Client: UN Women Skopje