Policy briefs

Policy briefs are irregular publications of Finance Think. They are a product of the overall work of the think tank and can stem out of activities like: projects, brief analyses, published articles, round tables and the like. The policy briefs are considered powerful advocacy tool of Finance Think. They are intensively communicated with the associated stakeholders through being sent to the relevant government agencies or presented at mutual meetings and conventions, and are through the communication platforms of the Institute.

Editions can be accessed here:

Policy Brief 41

Was it necessary to provide financial support to companies to retain jobs during the Covid-19 crisis?

Policy Brief 40

Men and women on the labor market: (un)equal participation and treatment

Policy Brief 39

Coping with the economic effects of Covid-19 – measures that balance the liquidity needs of companies and the state

Policy Brief 38

Is it time to rationalize parafiscal charges?

Policy brief 37

Is there a potential for the domestic SMEs to link with the MNCs in North Macedonia?

Policy brief 36

Municipalities and Citizens: Together for a Better Budget

Policy brief 35

Progressive income tax: Much ado about nothing?

Policy brief 34

Social services at the local level: Experiences from the municipalities of Prilep and Dolneni

Policy brief 33

Will the social pension reduce the poverty of the elderly?

Policy brief 32

Highly educated but low paid: youth employment in North Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro

Policy brief 31

What is the state budget, and what is the private cost of health for children?

Policy brief 30

How much does the state allocate for education and social protection of children?

Policy brief 29

Do domestic and foreign companies in the country cooperate?

Policy brief 28

The higher minimum wage and the life: Are the effects positive?

Policy brief 27

Local budgets and public procurement: Experiences from the municipalities of Prilep, Krusevo and Krivogastani

Policy brief 26

The Rule of Law and the Economy: The Case of the Value Added Tax for Individuals in the Republic of Macedonia

Policy brief 25

State pensions: Urgent reforms for Pension Fund rescue

Policy brief 24

Formalizing the informal waste collectors


Policy brief 23

Implementation of the Guaranteed Minimum Income (GMI) scheme in Macedonia, through Integrated Case Management (ICM)

Policy brief 22

Universal health insurance in the Republic of Macedonia – effects of the implementation of the ‘Health Insurance for All’ project

Policy brief 21

Guaranteed minimum income for families at risk of poverty

Policy brief 20

Corruptive practices impede economic growth in Macedonia

Policy brief 19

From numbers to practice – identification and analysis of the indicators related to the quality of the didactic process in the primary education in Macedonia

Policy brief 18

New measures for new jobs

Policy brief 17

Could social mentorship increase employability in our country?

Policy brief 16

Are Macedonian government and public debt sustainable?

Policy brief 15

The gender wage gap is detrimental for economic growth

Policy brief 14

Active labor-market programs and policies: Challenge for the Macedonian labor market

Policy brief 13

Can we increase the minimum wage in Macedonia?

Policy brief 12

Emigrants’ money matters for the Macedonian social development

Policy brief 11

How to put remittance receivers under the social umbrella?

Policy brief 10

Economic empowering of women through mini-clustering of individual producers

Policy brief 9

Why women are less paid than man in Macedonia?

Policy brief 8

Local development or current consumption: For what purpose are municipal money spent for?

Policy brief 7

How to increase the effectiveness and utilization of the programs for poverty reduction?

Policy brief 6

Let’s alleviate poverty with new subsidies for crops

Policy brief 5

Market risks in the insurance sector: Can they destabilize it?

Policy brief 4

Economic research: A Sisyphus battle?

Policy brief 3

Domestic saving: Is it important for investment?

Policy brief 2

Financial stability: New instruments for the new time

Policy brief 1

To support domestic value added or to pray for foreign direct investment?