Overall objective of the project is to increase the activation of persons at risk of social exclusion in the labor market by improving their skills, education, qualification and facilitating their full integration into the society and the labor market.

This overarching objective is broken down into specific purposes involving concrete interventions on three fronts:

  • Purpose 1: Improve the efficiency of employment and social services as a way of promoting the social inclusion of vulnerable and disadvantaged groups by assisting professionals from the Employment Centres and the Centres for Social Work in developing new skills as ‘Mentors for Social Inclusion’;
  • Purpose 2: Empower vulnerable and disadvantaged groups and give them the skills and experience required to breaking down the hurdles they encounter on their journeys into long-term work and independence through a pre-employment training program and work placements or internships in local businesses and social enterprises;
  • Purpose 3: Foster improvements in service delivery by designing new family support services, raising public awareness, and developing effective partnerships among key
    stakeholders (local self-government units, governmental institutions, non-governmental organizations involved in service delivery, social partners, education and training providers) to produce results on the ground.


Donor: European Commission – Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance

Partner: Childcare and Family Center (KMOP) – Athens, Greece

Duration: 20 months (January 2016 – August 2017)



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