Policy studies

Policy study 24

Good or bad tax? Assessing the early effects of the progressive and higher personal income tax in North Macedonia

Authors: Despina Tumanoska, Bojana Josifovska, Marjan Petreski

June 2019

Policy study 22

Analysis of youth underemployment in North Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia

Authors: Blagica Petreski, Jorge Davalos, Ivan Vchkov, Despina Tumanoska, Tereza Kochovska

March 2019

Policy study 21

Analysis of the public spending on health care of children in the country

Authors: Maja Parnardzieva-Zmejkova, Vladimir Dimkovski

December 2018

Policy study 20

Analysis of the public spending on education and on social protection of children in the country

Authors: Blagica Petreski, Marjan Petreski

December 2018

Policy study 17

Regulatory impact assessment of the changes in the Minimum Wage Law

Authors: Marjan Petreski, Tereza Kocovska

October 2018

Policy study 16

Individuals in the VAT system and the rule of law in Macedonia. With a special reference and recommendations concerning authorship contracts

Authors: Marjan Petreski, Marjan Nikolov, Vesna Garvanlieva, Borche Smilevski

October 2018

Policy study 13

Effects from state investments in public health care for the period 2010-2016

Authors: Biljana Indova, Branko Adjigogov

February 2018

Policy study 9

From numbers to practice – identification and analysis of the indicators related to the quality of the didactic process in the primary education in Macedonia

Authors: Ana Mickovska-Raleva, Ana Tomovska-Misoska, Olimpija Hristovska-Zaeva, Suzana Cerepnalkovska, Vesna Kostik Ivanovik

September 2017

Policy study 8

Impact evaluation of the program for training, mentoring and internship/employment of persons exposed at social risk

Authors: Blagica Petreski, Nikica Mojsoska-Blazevski

July 2017

Policy study 7

Sustainability of Macedonian General Government Debt

Authors: Teodora Arsovska

May 2017

Policy study 6

The size and effects of emigration and remittances in the Western-Balkans: Forecasting based on a Delphi process

Authors: Marjan Petreski, Blagica Petreski, Despina Tumanoska, Edlira Narazani, Fatush Kazazi, Galjina Ognjanov, Irena Jankovic, Arben Mustafa, Tereza Kochovska

December 2016

Policy study 5

Active labor market policies for employment: Challenge for the Macedonian labor market

Authors: Blagica Petreski, Despina Tumanoska

October 2016

Policy study 4

The case study of “Krushevo women” as a model of social entrepreneurship

Authors: Blagica Petreski, Despina Petreska

September 2015

Policy study 3

Local development or current consumption: What purpose are municipal money spent for?

Authors: Despina Petreska, Blagica Petreski

February 2015

Policy study 2

Leading composite index produced by Finance Think: Forecasting power reassessed

Authors: Marjan Petreski, Blagica Petreski

December 2014

Policy study 1

Mind the gap between the budget lines and the programs of the National strategy for poverty reduction

Authors: Blagica Petreski, Despina Petreska, Aleksandar Kostadinov

June 2014


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